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You get upset when someone precious to you is hurt, not when you hate them ~
Update // 近況 
21st-Apr-2015 03:42 pm - f-list changes
I understand that my f-list is quite relatively small already ^^;;;;; However, I am still going to make some changes for it...
My LJ is actually classified as semi-friend locked journal, in which for most people who know me, I tend to post quite a bit of ranting, or just rambling on something very personal under f-locked!!
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And of course, for those who have kindly added me and watched out for most of my "public post", feel free to watch me and which that would have no effect or differences to you ^__^ I will still continue to post fandom related-stuff or casual rambling out in public that you can follow and feel free to comment on them ^.~

I apologize for this circumstance and which I wanted to take the time to re-evaluate my own LJ.
6th-Jul-2014 11:56 am - Sailor Moon Crystal Act. 1
First of all, it has been a LONG... as in a LOOOOONG while since I have used my LJ.  Maybe with the reboot anime (Sailor Moon Crystal) and manga (TRC) that will be coming back this summer, I may be back for a little while XD

As I believe most people have already watched the first episode of the Sailor Moon Crystal.  But of course, for those who haven't watched it yet, you can watch the English Sub version at Hulu :)

Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 1 Usagi - Sailor Moon

[My thought so far...]
The quality of the anime is very stunning and beautiful.  The overall feel is very sophisticated, well except, for some odd reason, Usagi's blue eyes somehow bugs me a bit ^^;;; Maybe is too big?? but then again, I don't find the same problem with the other characters in the series.  Or maybe the eyeliner is too thick... I am not sure... but I definitely need some time to adjust to her eyes.

Tuxedo Kaman is looking gorgeous in this version, I find it nice that compare with the original anime, Mamoru didn't start out as an arrogant, annoying guy when he first encountered Usagi and actually have some kind of nostalgia feeling toward one another.

Transformation sequence... I guess something that cannot be avoid, since this is afterall a Sailor Moon icon :P  Resemble pretty much the same as the original one.

And... of course... they get rid of the rose throwing FINALLY... haha, it feels funny that after watching 200 episodes of Tuxedo Kaman throwing rose in EVERY SINGLE episode... it almost felt like we are missing a piece of him.  Though I am totally fine with it, following very closely with the manga version.  Tuxedo Kaman is so much more gentle and kind <3

And, Ami-chan has already showed her appearance :D seems like this time around, they are getting rid of the filler episodes.  Maybe they are following each act based on each chapter of the manga.  It will certainly be a good pace for this series.

This is going to be a bi-weekly showing huh... can't wait till the next Act :D
Hi~ I haven't been in LJ for a VERY long time... in the matter of fact "anywhere" in the fandom community.  Anyway, as the closure of xxxholic and the beginning of Gate 7... The Clamp community has been stiring up quite a bit of commontion, and thus... I am slightly back.

As I also come across in the Chinese Tsubasa forum too, I have an unexpected/pleasant found:
Special fan edition for all TRC Black & White Splash colored  :D

What does it mean?
The admin team in their forum has requested volunteer who can do high-quality coloring job with PS or any picture editing platform from their members and gather them up to create this mega-project to be release as a 1 year memorial for the end of TRC and of course their 6 years anniversary to their forum which is initially started for TRC dedication.

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12th-Feb-2011 02:36 am - xxxholic final chapter + rant
HI~ Long time no see for many people... YES, I am still alive... just very much occupied by... *ahem* ...

Anyway, I finally finishing catching up and reading the last chapter of xxxholic... the comment I will make:

I can't help but say... WHY IN THE WORLD is the last 2 chapters so "forced" in the storyline =____= Okay... fine, actually ever since those chapters that are being continued in the monthly magazine.... They have become so separated and cut-off...

Just the previous few chapter, Himawari was having a conversation with Watanuki through the telephone of coming over to the shop to celebrate his birthday (and the phone conversation and even the talk between Mokona and Doumeki making it a really important deal as if the appearance of her every once a year is very important)... and it NEVER HAPPENED... and the next chapter is skipped over by 2 months.

Then, the next phone conversation Himawari and Watanuki have, she has a "HUSBAND"!! (I know this is so old news to many since I heard of that talk months ago... but I just don't know that transition is THAT "out of no-where" o___O)

Though I guess the only thing I could say in those big gap of time in between chapters are probably Clamp way in emphasising the point that time is move on REALLY FAST and Watanuki has been the shop owner for a loooong time.
Well, I guess I can't discard Watanuki's job of being the shop owner... since I can certainly see a great deal of his character develop in that arc, he has matured by A LOT.  Though it is strange seeing how fast Kohane is growing up so rapidly...  especially compare her with Watanuki and Doumeki, they don't seems  to change at all ^^;;;;
Well, then let's put on to the last (2) chapters of xxxholic
(Major rant and spoiler)
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And in the end, yet another very open-end ending *sigh* as expected from Clamp.. nothing is being resolved... I guess except this wishing shop continue on... and this wait (which has been proven that it is not going anywhere) continues on until the end of time... I can't say I am less satisfy with the ending of xxxholic than the TRC ending.... though all I can say is... at least it ended and that "yes, the idea of able to revive a person is still not possible".  I just wish that Clamp could of give us a better conclusion and explanation of the come about of Watanuki (I know he is a time-replacement being for Syaoran but still.... why does he has so much attribute/look as Clow even able to use his magic *just because he wear his glasses maybe*??)
9th-Aug-2010 10:46 pm - start getting busy with fanbase ;)
SO... my summer semester and my last final is OFFICIALLY over :D I believe I did okay with it... at least I will have my start of 2 weeks break time ^___^

And it is ALSO the time that I would start catching on manga because technically speaking... I am behind on all series for over half year ^^;;;;

So, catching up manga list is not limited to :

Pandora Hearts
Fullmetal Alchemist (now that it is completed, I can read till the end :D)

RG Veda (I know is so "out of nowhere" and would certainly expected ME out of anyone has read it before... BUT nope.  Of course the 'best part' to this is my bf has the complete 10 volume chinese collection at his house and he lent it for me to read, now that final is over HAHAHA~ though maybe that should be priority since I need to return them or more like he will complain me not reading it :P )

As for following anime part.... hmmm.. if I have time, maybe ^^;; So, this shall be part of my agenda for my mini break :)
Well, my summer semester is coming to an end soon... technically speaking, 1 week + 2 days and 3 finals to go... Then I can finally have my little summer break (for a bit more than 2 weeks before school start again ^^;;) and should start reading all those abandoned mangas I left out for almost close to half year >.<

though the one regret I have is ... ... I am positive that I did somewhat bad for one of my classes >.< thus, my 3 other finals, I really need to work hard on them ... so, I will average out and end with an okay grade.  Though at least, changing this major certain is a lot LESS stressful than what I have been studying previously.

Next semester may start getting slightly intense... since I will have 16 credit hours (I think since I have study college/university, this is like the only 2nd semesters that I have taken so much credit hours ^^;;; I know I sound like such a lazy student all these years, right?? thus, why I am still at school other than because I change my major 3 times)

on the side, I am still looking for jobs D: I really don't like it that I have been looking for MONTHS, I still got nothing *SIGH*

Well... that's my little recent update ^^
18th-Jul-2010 03:33 pm - My name is Pride.
"Both of you have a common weakness : She lost what she already has because of pride, she need the other person to "WORK, WORK, WORK" to satisfy her need; You didn't get what you would desire and want because of pride."

My name is pride! ~Beth MooreCollapse )
*sigh* It is true that I am still learning to be more humble and less prideful.  Though at least is good that I am continue in learning about life.  The most important thing is communication and understanding ^^
Okay... as I have promised I would be writing my review after I watched the movie, AND unfortunately... this IS turning into a rant... and I mean a really horrid rant it is =____= I have already prepared myself with minimum expectation since even before I watched the movie due to previously spoiling myself from movie critiques/review. However, it is obviously still NOT enough @___@ because it is really THAT horrible.

Getting ready for MAJOR rant... *slight spoiler ahead*Collapse )

I think that pretty summarize my rage and all of these are being written the next day already... thus, you can imagine how much rage and groaning I was in DURING the movie... X____X 
Though one thing I feel bad and sorry for from yesterday is the one who is watching the movie with me ;____; All I can only say is I am so thankful he is being so patient and kind to me in spite of my continuous groaning, sighing, mumbling almost throughout the movie. <3
29th-Apr-2010 10:10 am - semester coming to an end soon...
And Snow continue on... Will this year BE the year that I will 'actually' get snow on my b-day!?

Let's see how I will do in savaging my classes ^^;; This year certainly mark quite a bit of changes and inner growing up for me... after-all, the year that I will be 1/4 of a century old doesn't come along "that" often ;)
23rd-Apr-2010 09:18 pm - SPAZZZZZ ... TLA!!!
I know... this is yet another crazy fangirl you are looking at ... but ... FINALLY, a trailer that is COMPLETE and excited and AWESOME and... too much screaming (coming from me) *fangirl faint*

Yes, I know the danger behind putting too much hope in an live-action film especially, me being such a huge fan of the "cartoon" series.... BUT I DON'T care!!!!